Time to Commit

Meeting a compatible person for dating is just the first of many steps in a relationship, and there comes a time to commit to the other person. It might take years before two people are ready to recognize they have enough in common to take them through the years, but it could also be less than a year before they are ready to solidify their relationship. People outside the relationship are often dismissive when two people make what they consider a hasty decision, but it could just be that the two are suited to each other well enough to know they can make it work.

Compatibility of interests and goals are important factors in two people choosing to stay in a relationship, but there are many other factors that could influence their decision. Their attraction to each other physically might tip the balance in favor of forming a permanent bond, but it should be noted that it might not be the most important reason for them to stay together.

Emotional factors play a large part in relationships, and couples should be aware they will need to like the other person for them to stay together over the decades. Those who feel love without liking their partner might find the longevity of their relationship will be less than they want when their partner disappoints them on a regular basis.

Knowing when it is the right time to begin talking about remaining together is something each couple must decide on their own. Their feelings for each other should be constant at the time, and they should have already discussed important topics that matter to both of them. If they can find enough common ground emotionally, have continued to cherish their time together, and they both want many of the same things in the future, then it could be time to formalize their relationship.