The First Few Dates

Meeting someone new is an opportunity to find a friend or relationship, and dating may be part of that. If two people are single and looking for a spouse or relationship, going out together is a good way to explore relationship options. These dates will lead both people to make a decision about their future together, and this is the basis of dating. If they can just get past the first few dates, the couple may be able to form a good relationship.

Everyone usually expects the first date to be awkward, and most of them are correct. If the first date goes smoothly for both people, they are either experiencing love at first sight, or they have known each other for years. Those who have no prior relationship are starting from scratch, and they tend to be cautious as they proceed. This accounts for much of the awkwardness people experience on their first date with each other.

When the first date is relatively successful, the couple may choose to continue dating. The second date is a test of how much both of them listened during the first date. In the majority of cases, the man will choose the dating location and activity. He is the one who controls whether or not the second date is successful, and this is apparent by his choice. If the woman mentioned on the first date that she doesn't like something and he chooses that as their second date, then he has failed the test. When he has listened well, the second date should be relatively smooth.

Exploration is a good theme for a third date. Both people have listened to each other, and they are beginning to get a sense of what their partner wants to do on a date. Being successful on the third date is generally an opportunity to expand the relationship by trying an activity neither person has ever attempted before.