Actions and Reactions

Whenever a couple meets for a date, they often push and pull at each other until their time together is more like a contest. One of them will say something, and the other will object. When it is time to make a decision about how to spend their time together, their goal is fought over like a prize in the war of relationships. These couples are trying to establish one of them as the dominant partner, and their actions and reactions are part of that battle.

Equality is a measurement that is not easy to define within a relationship, and couples often feel they must have the upper hand to be equal to their partner. They see each date as a trial of sorts, and their ultimate goal is to have the most wins. They want to be leader of the pack of two, and many will do whatever it takes to win. It does not bode well for a happy and peaceful future for them.

Being in a relationship is not about who rules the roost, and each partner should have the same weight in big decisions. They should concentrate on learning if they can compensate for each other’s weaknesses with their own strengths, and they will eventually need to work out control of different areas of their life. The control issues are more about efficiency than being the boss.

Couples who work for dominance within a relationship have often been raised in that type of situation, but they should have the ability to overcome it. No one needs to be the boss in a good relationship, and those who figure it out early will be better off in the long run. Being able to share responsibilities and support each other takes much less energy than dominating, and it can be a lot more fun.